Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow joke, say police

A pensioner has been snapped driving her car while peeping through a tiny hole in her snow-covered windscreen.

Devon and Cornwall Police released the picture as a warning to other motorists, reports Sky News.

The force is asking drivers to use common sense after a member of the public photographed the "extreme example" in Tiverton, Devon.

The elderly woman, who is not being identified by the force, was driving along Lea Road to pick up food and medication.

She was spoken to by officers who also provided her with an ice-scraper. They then spoke to her neighbours and asked them to look out for her in future.

Inspector Matt Lawler said: "This is an extreme example, but shows how important it is for drivers to listen to the warnings and advice that police and other agencies are offering.

"I don't think we are asking a lot - just for some common sense to avoid unnecessary accidents."


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