Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Human tongue served up in hospital

Authorities in Slovenia are investigating after a piece of human tongue was served up in a hospital canteen.

A doctor at the town hospital in Izola in southern Slovenia complained about the strange looking piece of meat in his meal after he ordered a chicken risotto in the hospital canteen.

The doctor insisted it was not chicken, and after a row with staff the piece of meat was sent for tests - which later showed it was part of a human tongue.

Health inspectors have closed the restaurant and are reviewing hygiene standards.

Managers said the small piece of tongue could have been accidentally dropped into the food by a doctor who had come into the canteen straight after treating a patient.

They also said that it could have been added to the food supplies before they were delivered to the hospital.

The spokesman told the main Slovenian daily paper Delo: "I can say clearly that we have never used patients parts in any of our dishes."


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