Friday, August 17, 2007

Kindergarten's not for squares

An elite kindergarten in China says it will take only 'round-headed' students as they make the cleverest pupils.

Li Junjie Educational Kindergarten, in Zhengzhou city, checks the shape of would-be pupils' heads as part of admission tests.
Owner Li Junjie insisted: "A round head indicates cleverness; a student with a flat head can never be outstanding no matter how hard he works."

The school charges tuition fees of nearly £7,000 a year, possibly the highest in China, and guarantees that pupils will prosper, reports China News Network.
Li Junjie added: "Every student in my school will become talented. They will be able to read at age three, and enter middle school at seven and university at 15.
"We now have 21 students with 13 teachers. We make sure they have the best resources."


At 01 November, 2011 03:15 , Blogger marsviking said...

For sure, these babies will am
aze the world with their genius.

China has learned to lie and call it marketing.


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